Environmentally Friendly

On a typical tree, only the core wood is suitable for a railroad tie. One mature tree only produces 2-3 wood railroad ties; which means 1,300 trees are cut down to supply every mile of railroad track.

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Made of Recycled Materials

The material used to manufacture the rubber railroad tie is recycled crumb rubber made by shredding end-of-life used tires. These tires would typically be discarded in landfills.

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Cost Effective

One of the biggest advantages of the all-rubber railroad tie is that it is the only alternative to wood tie that can be installed without any additional equipment or personnel training other than needed for wood ties.

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Hansen Industries Worldwide, Inc.

Hansen Industries Worldwide, Inc. is in the process of installing a manufacturing plant in Bakersfield, CA and plan to initiate manufacturing in the spring of 2018. Future plans would include several plants in the US with a planned production of over 3 million ties per year.

Your Cost Effective, Eco-Friendly Alternative Railroad Tie

  • Lower anticipated annual cost of ownership than any other tie (including wood)
  • No new or additional equipment, training or technology required for installation
  • Excellent noise reduction and damping characteristics
  • “Green” alternative to wood, concrete or steel railroad ties

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